Who is Virtue?

Virtue is a new apparel brand born out of the feeling of helplessness of the world we live in today.

History frowns on hate, which is why we all need to do more to respect and appreciate each other - and value our differences - to make the world a better place for ourselves and for those who will come after us. 

Virtue supports equality in all forms for all people, working to overcome gender, racial, sexual orientation, size/weight, age, disability or ANY form of discrimination.

We believe that ALL people should have the same opportunities to succeed in life and be free, happy, and able to live their own life to the fullest of its potential.

We try our best to do our part by providing inspirational, positive messages via our clothing line that anyone can wear to remind themselves (and inspire others) that the power to "do good" lives within every one of us.  

A percentage of all sales on VirtueTees.com goes toward non-profits, charities and other institutions that work hard to make improvements to the society that we live in.

We will be sharing our combined positive impact (you're equally responsible) with you via our social media profiles, so please follow them to see how we are able to make a small difference in the world with your support.

We focus on Positivity, Inspiration, and Opportunity with everything that we do.

Because no matter who you are, what you look like or how you live your life, you should be free to write your own story, and to open every door to success that is possible while pushing open those doors that are not.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our store and supporting our efforts by buying our products. 

We know that they will make a difference in your world as well as the lives of others around you.

Everything we make is the highest quality, premium materials available, and we stand by the guiding principle of only making things we'd want to buy and wear ourselves. 

We hope that you do too. 


Virtue Apparel